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Win Scott Eckert

Win Scott Eckert on Wold Newton, Philip José Farmer, pulp fiction, etc.....

30 November 1966
Obligatory third person bio:
Win Scott Eckert holds a B.A. in Anthropology and a Juris Doctorate. He first read Philip José Farmer’s DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE at the age of eight, and was instantly hooked. In 1997, he posted the first site on the Internet devoted to expanding Farmer’s original premise of a Wold Newton Family to encompass a whole Wold Newton Universe (WNU). He has recently served as an expert consultant on crossovers involving characters from pulp fiction and Victorian literature for a lawsuit concerning a major motion picture.

He is the editor of and a contributor to MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE: PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER’S WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE, (MonkeyBrain Books, 2005), a 2007 Locus Awards finalist. He has written pulp tales for a yearly anthology of Wold-Newtonish stories, TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN vols. 1-5 (Black Coat Press, 2005-2009), mostly centered on the adventures of Doc Ardan, a French version of Doc Savage. He also contributed a story for THE AVENGER CHRONICLES (Moonstone Books, 2008), with stories forthcoming for Moonstone's MORE TALES OF ZORRO, THE PHANTOM CHRONICLES VOL. 2, & CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT: DECLASSIFIED. He was a regular contributor to FARMERPHILE: THE MAGAZINE OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER and was honored to write the Foreword to Farmer’s seminal “fictional biography,” TARZAN ALIVE (Bison Books, 2006). Win's latest books are CROSSOVERS: A SECRET CHRONOLOGY OF THE WORLD (two volumes, Black Coat Press, 2009-2010) and the Wold Newton novel THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, about Patricia Wildman, the daughter of a certain bronze-skinned pulp hero (co-authored with Philip José Farmer, Subterranean Press, 2009).

Why "The Shadow's Bizarro"...?
Him come out at high noon, wants criminals to see him coming, so wears bright, multi-colored patchwork cloak that does not blend in with background. Designed to catch people's attention.
Him favorite saying be: "The blossom of crime bears, uh... blossoms. Would you like one?" Instead of twin .45s, Bizarro-Shadow carries twin bouquets of blossoms in holsters for purposes of making friends with criminal element.
Him not hang out with best gal Bizarro Margo Lane during off hours (she much too pretty) and him do not maintain multiple identities -- too complicated and difficult to keep track of.
Him not spy and aviator during Great War, and under no circumstances do him set foot in an auto-gyro. Those things am dangerous!
Him not have chilling "Heh, heh, heh" laugh that emanates from everywhere to strike terror in hearts of evildoers. That would be rude. Instead him approach everyone with a wide grin, showing off Donny Osmand-like teeth. Him has a cheerful "Hello" or "Good morning!" for everyone him meet. Like the greeters at Wal-Mart.
Him not wear a hat, especially not inside. Again, rude. And impolite.
Him nose am formerly quite large. Had plastic surgery to correct this deformity. Bizarro Shadow not interested in frightening anyone with his appearance.