The New York Review of Science Fiction reviews CROSSOVERS

A review of the two-volume Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World appeared in the January 2011 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Said reviewer Peter Rawlink: "Eckert's rules, scholarly style, and knowledge complement one another, and his work is done with such horrible intense love and logic that somewhere along the way it ceases to be flummery and becomes something more. What would seem an impossible task is acheived in a manner that not only entertains but also informs about the original work."

And: "...Fans of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton stories and crossover fiction in general have good reason to celebrate. Win Scott Eckert's Crossovers should be viewed as an essential work of the metafictional canon with value to fans ans scholars alike, placing it next to such standard works as Jess Nevins's Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana and Shadowmen by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier."

Crossovers is available:





More Tales of Zorro - Now Available!

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I’m pleased to announce that Moonstone Books’ More Tales of Zorro is now in stock! My tale is called “Zorro’s Rival,” and I’m thrilled to contribute to Zorro’s mythos, particularly in such august company.


Edited by Richard Dean Starr

Written by: Carole Nelson Douglas, Alan Dean Foster, Joe R. Lansdale, Timothy Zahn, Kage Baker, Matthew Baugh, Johnny D. Boggs, Henry Darrow, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Win Scott Eckert, Jennifer Fallon, Craig Shaw Gardner, Joe Gentile, John Peel, Jean Schanberger, Richard Dean Starr, & Steve Rasnic Tem

Interior Art: Rubén Procopio
Cover Art: Douglas Klauba



Moonstone is proud to present More Tales of Zorro, the second anthology featuring all-new, original tales of The Fox!  Best of all, More Tales of Zorro includes stunning new cover art by Spectrum award-winner Douglas Klauba and even more original interior illustrations by acclaimed Disney animator and sculptor, Rubén Procopio!

With the International success of the recent Telemundo television series Zorro: The Sword and the Rose, as well as the blockbuster films starring Antonio Banderas, the New York Times bestselling Zorro: A Novel by Isabel Allende, the Young Zorro novels by Jan Adkins, and the first Zorro anthology, Tales of Zorro, The Fox continues to be one of the most popular and enduring heroes of the twentieth century. For more than eighty-seven years Zorro has entertained and thrilled audiences around the world.


Direct order from Moonstone Books

Coming soon:

  • B&


I finished a very short (2,500 words) but very complex piece today. I'm pretty proud of it. It's out to a couple valued reviewers right now, and should be on its way to the publisher mid-week.

Can't say more right now, but will as soon as I'm able.

And yes... simultaneously continuing work on The Green Hornet Casefiles editing. Busy weekend.


Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook - pre-order!

Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook, is now listed for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes&!

"Moonstone Books is proud to present this original anthology featuring never-before-seen tales of the world's first consulting detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes, as he teams up with other investigators and notables of his time! Holmes teams up with one of the most famous thieves of literature, Arsene Lupin! Lawrence of Arabi! Calamity Jane! Sexton Blake! Houdini! The Thinking Machine! Doc Savage's father, Colonel Savage! Featuring short stories from incredible authors including Barbara Hambly, Will Murray, Kevin Van Hook, Martin Powell, Matthew Baugh, Martin Gately, Don Roff, Win Scott Eckert, Chris Sequiera, and Joe Gentile, this collection showcases the secret sequel to the classic Holmes novel 'The Sign of Four', as well as Sherlock and Conan Doyle's own 'Lost World Professor Challenger."

My own contribution is "The Adventure of the Fallen Stone," a semi-sequel to Philip Jose Farmer's The Adventure of the Peerless Peer.

Edited by Howard Hopkins, the book arrives in July!


Black Coat Press - February 2011 Releases

From Black Coat Press Publisher Jean-Marc Lofficier:

"THE SUPREME PROGRESS is another anthology of eighteen 19th century French proto-SF stories (following NEWS FROM THE MOON and THE GERMANS ON VENUS) by Brian Stableford. I'll single out two as singularly ground-breaking: Charles Cros' An Interastral Drama (1872), about an unlawful love between an Earthman and a Venusian woman, and Eugène Mouton's The End of the World (1872), depicting an ecocatastrophe precipitated by global warming generated by human industrial activity. The cover is by Mike Hoffman.

UNDERSEA ODYSSEY is a suspenseful 1907 techno-thriller about a crew trapped in a sunken submarine at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, by Captain Danrit, a French war hero (he died at Verdun) and the #1 author of militaristic, near-futuristic thrillers of his time. The cover is by Meinert Hansen.

Finally, HARRY DICKSON AND THE WEREWOLF OF RUTHERFORD GRANGE not only reprints G.L. Gick's (revised) story of Tales of the Shadowmen 1 & 2, but includes four more stories by Gick (two never published before) and an original Harry Dickson tale as well. The cover is by Matt Haley."


Author John Allen Small Releases Second Collection, SOMETHING IN THE AIR

From John Allen Small:


A small town janitor who thinks he has encountered a ghost... a dancer whose improvisations threaten a totalitarian regime... a former porn actress who becomes President of the United States... a bartender whose customers include the Angel of Death...and an elderly man who tells his grandchildren about the days when people celebrated a holiday called "Christmas." These are just a few of the characters readers will meet in "Something In The Air," a new collection of short stories by John Allen Small.

Author of the well-received western anthology Days Gone By: Legends And Tales Of Sipokni West, Small here treats his readers to a wider range of settings and subject matter. The collection opens with "The Only Real That Matters," a romantic tale in which the aging narrator recalls how he met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with; "Joshua Williams Breaks A Date" is a two-fisted adventure in the spirit of the pulp fiction magazines of the 1930s, while "A Chip Of The Ol' Block" reminds us that, no matter their age, boys will be boys.

Along the way there are tales both humorous ("Meatloaf And Me: The Untold Story") and tragic ("Day Of The Dove"); and thought-provoking looks at the possible directions society may be headed in ("Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream," "A Ghost Of Christmas Future"). Fans of a certain popular television series of the late 1960s will finally learn the "true" story of an American espionage agent's fall from grace in "The Phelps Dossier." And then there's "While The Birds Hummed Dirges," a most offbeat tale of alien invasion...

Combining several stories originally published elsewhere with others appearing here for the first time, Something In The Air is an eclectic and entertaining collection readers are bound to enjoy. Published by Ethan Books in association with CreateSpace LLC, Something In The Air is now available at


Battle in the Dawn: The Complete Hok the Mighty

Coming February 2011 from Paizo Planet Stories!

By Manly Wade Wellman with an introduction by David Drake

In the 1930s, an unusual tale appeared in the influential Amazing Stories magazine. Unlike the usual yarns of robots and interstellar travel, “Battle in the Dawn” featured the brutal exploits of Hok, humanity’s first hero. Written by Pulitzer Prize-nominee Manly Wade Wellman (Who Fears the Devil?),who would later achieve fame for his American folktales of Silver John and beat out William Faulkner for a prestigious writing award, this hit story spawned several additional adventures, in which Hok battles unrelenting cavemen, explores lost Atlantis, discovers new technology, and charts a new destiny for humanity.

Now, for the first time ever, Planet Stories presents a complete authorized collection of all of Wellman’s rare Hok the Mighty tales, including an unfinished story fragment and a brand-new introduction by Wellman’s longtime friend, fantasy author David Drake.

    Full stories include:
  • Battle in the Dawn
  • Hok Goes to Atlantis
  • Hok Draws the Bow
  • Hok and the Gift of Heaven
  • Hok Visits the Land of Legends
  • Day of the Conquerors

272-page softcover trade paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-289-0

About the Author

Winner of the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award, the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Locus Award for best novel and best compilation, Manly Wade Wellman is one of the best-regarded writers of the Pulp Age, and a foundational figure in the development of fantasy fiction.



Wold Newton takes over All Pulp!

In honor of Wold Newton Day (December 13), All Pulp Editor in Chief (sort of) Tommy Hancock is devoting not one, not two, but three days to the celebration, over at the fantastic All Pulp site.

First up is Hancock's introduction to the extravaganza, "The Meteor Has Struck!"

Next is my own Wold Newton Primer, "A Nova of Genetic Splendor."

Also, Michael Croteau, the publisher of Meteor House, has posted a 200 word teaser of the first Wold Newton Origins tale, "Is He in Hell?" from The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions.

Mike had also posted a new update at the Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page in honor of Wold Newton Day, including incredible markdowns for the PJF estate sale.

The celebration will last for three days over at All Pulp, including articles, interviews, transcripts from speeches, even possibly PJF/Wold Newton inspired music(!), as well as reviews of current work in the Wold Newton Universe.

So head on over to All Pulp, and keep on checking back over the weekend as well as on Monday, December 13, 2010 (the 215th anniversary of the Wold Newton meteor strike).